Toshiba C55-A5310 Satellite Laptop

Taking into consideration price and features ratio, Toshiba Satellite C55-A5310 is one of the best laptops for those who are looking for mobile PC which, in addition to increasing basic computing productivity, it allows casual gaming, occasional photo editing, converting iTunes and other audio/video formats and watching high definition video playback. To ensure that these applications run smoothly, Toshiba has introduced 6 GB memory and 750 GB hard drive in Toshiba C55-A5310. Look wise, it is not a very attractive laptop but offers features more than its price. It comes with a DVD burner, USB 3.0 port and VGA output as well. Toshiba C55 A5310 is priced at $400 which also includes Internet Security software, a sleeve case, a wireless mouse and a flash drive. This is not a touch screen laptop. Here is a brief review of specifications and performance of the laptop.

Toshiba C55 A5310 specification and expected performance

Satellite C55-A5310 is powered by Intel core i3-3120M processor which is third generation Intel core i3 processor and operates with 2.5 GHz frequency and offers 3 MB of cache. The processor is a dual core processor and features Hyperthreading technology.  The laptop is most suitable for typing documents, browsing web with countless tab, watching HD videos, working with Adobe Photoshop CS6 , PowerPoint and Compressing files. Users can also play many 2012-2013 PC games on this laptop. Games like Far Cry 3, spec ops, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb raider, Skyrim, Team Fortress 2, call of duty black ops 2, planet side 2 etc. can be played in low details and settings.  Even Fifa 14 can be played in this laptop but Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghost, Need of speed: rivals etc. will struggle to run in this laptop. Though Toshiba C55A5310 comes with Integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics, which shares system memory, still it can compete with any dedicated entry level AMD or NVIDIA graphics card.

Toshiba satellite C55-A5310 offers 6GB DDR3 memory which can be further expanded up to 16GB. The 750GB hard drive offers 5400rpm speed.  Though hard drive with SSD cache would have made this machine faster but, considering the price of the laptop, it is not a realistic expectation.

Toshiba C55-A5310 is a main stream laptop with 15.6-inch LED backlit HD display. The display features 1366 X 768 pixels resolution with 16:9 aspects.

It comes with standard port and connectivity features which include 1 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, media card reader, HDMI output, audio jack and VGA port.

Network connectivity is supported by Fast Ethernet and 802.11 b/g/n.

Toshiba C55 A5310 is neither Bluetooth enabled nor a touch screen laptop.

The 6 cell li-ion battery pack offers 2-4 hours of battery life, depending upon usage.

Pros of Toshiba C55-A5310

Inexpensive main stream laptop for home users and students

6GB memory

750GB hard drive

USB 3.0 port

VGA port

Cons of Toshiba C55-A5310

Not a touch screen enabled laptop

No Bluetooth

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