Toshiba L75-A7285 17.3″ Laptop

Model: L75-A7285 from Toshiba offers a big-size 17.3” desktop replacement laptop with Core i3-3120M processor, 6 GB memory and a 750 GB SATA hard drive, which delivers lots of computing for its price. Whether you are looking for a desktop replacement laptop, for handling regular computing task, or want a machine for video encoding, streaming videos and photo editing, Toshiba L75-A7285 will manage of all these jobs efficiently for you.  It supports casual gaming as well. This 17.3” laptop is on sale with a price tag of $480 approx.  Amazon has Toshiba Satellite L75-A7271 on offer, which comes with similar specs and price. To know more about the laptop read further-

Toshiba L75-A7285 specs and performance

In spite of the fact that Toshiba L75-A7285 comes encased in a plastic outfit, it doesn’t look flimsy. It is powered by Intel core i3-3210M processor, clocked with 2.5 GHz speed. This processor has hyperthreading enabled. It is also integrated with Intel HD 4000 graphics. Though the laptop doesn’t offer high end gaming, still users can play Crysis, SimCity, diablo III and Metro 2033, in low to medium details and settings. However, playing games like Battlefield 3 in L75-A7285 may disappoint you. Furthermore, Hyperthreading feature helps in boosting performance of multithreaded applications like using handbrake to convert video.

The 17.3” display of Toshiba L75-A7285 offers 1600 by 900 resolution which is standard for a budget desktop replacement. Full HD supports comes with premium ones only. 6 GB DDR3 memory works with 1600 MHz.  750 GB, 5400 rpm SATA hard drive offers plenty of storage space and comes preinstalled with Windows 8 OS.

Toshiba L75-A7285 offers 2.USB 3.0 ports and 1 USB 2.0 which is standard for most of the laptops available these days. It has one HDMI output, memory card reader slot and VGA output. The HD webcam comes with integrated microphone and the laptop has integrated DVD burner as well. Gigabit Ethernet (802.11b/g/n) and wi-fi are the connectivity options with this laptop. But there is no Bluetooth support available.

6 cell 48 whr battery offers up to 3 hours, 50 minutes of battery life.

Pros of Toshiba L75-A7285

Affordable desktop replacement laptop

750 GB hard drive and 6 GB memory

Cons of Toshiba L75-A7285

No cons as such. However, some users may feel problem with Windows 8 operating system.




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