Toshiba Satin Black 15.6″ Satellite C55DT-A5162 Laptop

Toshiba Satin Black 15.6″ Satellite C55DT-A5162 Laptop is a simple touch screen laptop for basic computing. The touch screen of this Windows 8.1 laptop allows user to use this machine more interactively. The laptop is equipped with dual core AMD E1-2100 accelerated processor which is clocked with 1 GHz frequency.  Model C55DT-A5162 is suitable for web browsing, Skype, working with Microsoft Word or Excel or  even watching videos but not for CPU hungry programs like editing videos, 3D rendering or playing latest PC games, even at low details and settings.  Toshiba C55DT-A5162 (available at Wal-Mart) and Toshiba C55DTA5162 (available at Best Buy) are the same model. Basically, this laptop has an entry level APU, average storage and memory, a touchscreen, keyboard with dedicated numeric keypad and a good range of built-in ports which include HDMI and USB 3.0 monitor ports. Battery life of this model is relatively good. Satellite C55Dt-A5162 is reasonably priced and is available at around $480. It is decent for home users as well as students who want a laptop for basic word processing or to hangout online. a brief review about specifications and performance of this laptop-

Toshiba C55DTA5162 specification and performance

Inside the laptop, there is AMD E1-2100 accelerated processor  which operates with 1 GHz and comes with AMD Radeon HD 8210 integrated graphics. As the processor operates with low clock speed you can’t expect much from this laptop. However, Toshiba Satellite C55Dt-A5162 is sufficient for day to day computing but will hardly be able to run latest PC games or other CPU or GPU intensive tasks. The accelerated processor or APU has low TDP rating of 9 watts, which makes the laptop energy efficient.

Satellite C55DT-A5162 comes with 4GB DDR3 1333MHz memory and 500GB hard drive, which is quite common with budget end laptops. The hard drive operates with 5400rpm speed.  The laptop doesn’t offer any SSD or HDD+SSD cache setup. However, it comes with latest Windows 8.1 operating system.

The 15.6” LED backlit high definition touch screen display of Toshiba C55DTA5162 supports maximum of 1366 X 768 pixel resolution and, thus, supports 720p HD playback but not 1080p playback.

When it comes to ports and connectivity features, the laptop offers 3 USB ports ( one of them is USB 3.0), 1  HDMI port, 1 VGA port, 1 headphone jack, 1  microphone jack, 1 RJ-45 Ethernet port. Toshiba C55DT A5162 comes with a high definition webcam and a DVD burner. The laptop is made up of matte black plastic and has textured surface. It supports both wireless (802.11 b/g/n) and wired ( Fast Ethernet) network connectivity. Bluetooth connectivity is not supported.

The 6 cell lithium ion battery offers approx. 3-5 hours of battery life, depending upon usage.

Pros of Toshiba Satellite C55DTA5162

Sufficient ports and connectivity features

Touch screen

Affordable laptop for basic use

Cons of Toshiba Satin Black 15.6″ Satellite C55DT-A5162

No Bluetooth

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