Velocity R103 Micro-Cruz Digital Reader Review

A brand new digital reader invades the market in the form of Velocity R103 Micro-Cruz Digital Reader. You can buy this at an approximate price tag of $150 across various retail stores online. Digital readers have become the new standard of the modern day wherein e-books are the new craze for the bookworms. All you need is a Velocity R103 Micro-Cruz Digital Reader wherein you can store thousands of books into this compact reader such that you can read on the go and won’t have to keep numerous of shelves at home.

Velocity R103 Micro-Cruz Digital Reader comes with a large amount of storage capacity such that it can store up to 5,000 books in total. Plus, its average battery power offers up to 10 hours of use such that you can take it wherever and make it accessible every time you want to read. The device comes with a 7-inch display and average resolution of 800 x 600. Thus, it is ideal for reading with a large enough display to make it easy on your eyes.

Velocity R103 Micro-Cruz Digital Reader is equipped with a built in 4GB memory, which is built in by the micro SD card that comes along with this product upon shipment. This internal memory capacity enables you to store roughly 5,000 files overall. But if you want to store more content, then you can take full advantage of its expandable memory that can go up to 32 GB since there are additional card slots available here.

Velocity R103 Micro-Cruz Digital Reader also offers USB connectivity, which also supports USB 2.0 port connectivity. However, it is still compatible with a USB 1.0 device. You can therefore enjoy a faster and more efficient way to share files from your USB to this digital reader or your personal computer. Users can also take full advantage of the wireless connectivity integrated for this digital reader since you can connect it with your computer if you have wireless connection at home. There is a wireless support intended for IEEE 802.11 b and g.

Some preloaded software are also included for Velocity R103 Micro-Cruz Digital Reader, such as the border ebooks library. This particular software enables you to access more ebooks and store them in your library for reading whenever you want. But this device is more than just a digital reader since you can also enjoy a few basic yet useful features including an alarm clock, dictionary, notepad, and calendar for your specific purposes.

You can view multiple types of files on the Velocity R103 Micro-Cruz Digital Reader as it offers support for any of the following formats: PDF, HTML, TXT, PDB, ePub, MP3, WAV, MP4, GIF, JPEG, BMP, among others. Hence, you can literally use it for displaying literally any type of file you want. A built-in accelerometer technology has been incorporated into Velocity R103 Micro-Cruz Digital Reader for an easier reading experience. Velocity R103 Micro-Cruz Digital Reader weighs only about a pound, such that it is very convenient for you to bring wherever you may go.

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